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Last updated on January 30, 2024

Creating and setting up a Profile

After you have logged into the application, you get to the main Antik page - the Main Screen, from which all the main actions take place
Property description of the Main Screen you find here


To create a new profile click Create+.
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Basic settings

  1. Specify a profile name. If you do not specify a name, the profile name will be set to a random value.
  1. If you have already created folders, you can select the target folder - the profile will be in it after creation.
  1. Choose OS
      • we recommend you to choose the type of OS you have on your PC.
  1. You can also choose Label - depending on the label you choose, you will get a set of preset extensions.
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In the proxy tab, you can assign a proxy to your profile. There are 3 proxy assignment options available:

No proxy

  • the profile will be used without a proxy

From list

  • you can assign a proxy from a pre-created proxy list.

New proxy

  • select proxy type
  • enter in the Proxy field the parameters as specified in the tooltip.
  • if the IP of your proxy is changed by a link, you can specify the link to change the proxy in the URL line to change the IP address.


Loading Cookies

If you're working with cookies, you can quickly load cookies when you create a profile
  • You can load a cookie either in the text input field; or as a file by clicking on the download button and specifying the path to the file.
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Export Cookie

You can unload a cookie in two ways:
  1. From the profile bar on the home screen (quick way).
    1. Go to the Home Screen where all profiles are displayed
    2. Select the target profile and click on the "..." icon
    3. In the drop-down list with actions that appears, click "Offload cookies" - specify path and file name
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  1. On the fingerprint setting screen
    1. Go to the Edit Profile menu in the fingerprint panel.
    2. Scroll down the page - to the right of the cookie download box you will see 2 icons: download and offload cookies
    3. click on the offload icon - specify the path and file name.
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Extra settings


At the top, above the Profile name field, you will see an asterisk - Favorites. Clicking it will pin the target profile to the top of the list of profiles on the Home Page.
You can pin an unlimited number of profiles in this way
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Next step you can specify the landing page that will be opened after profile start.
  • by default it is checker ** - on which you can see your fingerprint parameters, ip and geolocation of proxy and links to other actual fingerprint checkers - you can always check the quality of substitutions when starting the profile
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The Note field is required for a special note if you have decided to label the profile in some way; you can specify any length of text here.
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Advanced settings

The default settings are optimal and suitable for most users.
In the advanced settings you can change the:
  • User Agent
and change the following hardware settings:
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Canvas/WebGPU/WebGL Noise and Info/WebRTC/Media Devices/Time Zone/Geolocation (what it is read this article).
Command Line Switches - this field is used if you are working with the API. To get more information - *contact support.*

End of fingerprint creation

All the settings of your fingerprint will be displayed in the vertical menu on the right
When you have completed the Profile setup — click Create in the lower left corner.
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The created Profile will appear in the list of profiles on the Main Page
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Mass Profiles creation

You can also create a whole group of profiles in one click - using the bulk profile creation feature.
There are 2 options for mass creation - by file, or by entering parameters.

Mass creation by file

To add profiles by file, in the profile creation window, go to the "Bulk Creation" tab and select "Import from File".
Here you can download the template in 2 formats - txt and xlsx
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After you have added a file with profiles you can check them by clicking on the "Check Profiles" button.
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In the window that opens, you can check profile names, proxy activity, whether the profile has cookies and notes, and what User-Agent the profile will have.
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After checking you can apply all available swaps to the profiles, set one start page, OS and label for the profiles. After you have finished configuring the profiles - click the "Create" button.
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Mass creation with parameter customization

To start the process of creating several profiles with parameter customization, click on the "Customize parameters" button in the Bulk creation tab. Here select the desired number of profiles and set a name mask for the group of profiles - profiles will be created with this name and sequential numbers will be used as a postfix. For example my_profile1, my_profile2, etc.
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In this mode, you can also specify
  • target folder where profiles will be moved to after creation
  • label, OS, start page and swaps work the same way as when creating a single profile.
  • User Agent for the profile - random, among the pool of available User Agents, they will be randomly distributed among the profiles upon creation
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or the same - this method applies the current version of User Agent
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  • If you add one proxy, it will be applied to all profiles; if you add several proxies, they will be distributed among the profiles in the order in which you specified them. If the number of profiles you create exceeds the number of proxies you add, the proxies will be added again.
  • You can also add cookies by file or text - they will be automatically assigned to profiles.
Click create - your profiles will appear on the main page or in the destination folder.