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Last updated on July 1, 2024


When you add a new user, you can assign him/her a Role.
The Role defines the user's access rights to other team members' data: profiles, proxies, folders
  • each team member can transfer profiles to each other using the profile transfer function on the Profile panel or Main Screen.
You can always change the assigned Roles in the Team Management menu in your Personal Profile.


The Creator is the account from which the team subscription was paid, in other words, the owner.
Creator access rights provide access to the Main Screen for all types of Roles, including all possible actions with profiles: creating, deleting, editing, transferring.

Administrator (Admin)

The Admin access rights allow access to the Main Screen of the User - including all actions with the User's profiles.
The Administrator cannot view and perform actions with profiles on the Home Screen of other Administrators. The Administrator does not have access to the Creator's Home Screen.


The User access rights allow access to their Home screen only.
The User has no rights to view, create and edit profiles of other team members.