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Profile cache storage

Last updated on March 27, 2024
In your personal cabinet you can see how much space the profile cache occupies on your computer. The profile cache is local information about the profiles you use in Antik.
After you delete your old profiles from the Recycle Bin, sometimes information about them remains on your computer. We recommend that you periodically go here and clean it out
To clear the profile cache, click on the "Clear" button
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We have also added a setting to store local cache of sites you visit.
This setting will be useful for those who use proxies with pay-per-traffic. Storing the cache will use less internet traffic on sites you have already visited.
To keep the cache - select the "Yes" checkbox.
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To not save the site cache, select - No.
The cache will be deleted after each session, which will save a little space on your computer, but will consume more internet traffic.
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