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Profile migration from other services

Last updated on January 30, 2024
If you have ready-made profiles in another multi-account app, you can transfer them to Antik.
At the moment profile transfer only works for the Dolphin app. If you have a need to transfer profiles from other services - please email us in support - antik_support_bot.

Transferring profiles

To transfer existing browser profiles from Dolphin service to Antik, you need to follow these steps:
  1. Log in to My Account on Dolphin Anty website .
  1. In the "API" tab, generate an account token and copy it.
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  1. Log in to the Antik app. In the sidebar on the bottom left, click "Transfer Profiles".
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  1. In the profile migration menu, in the upper right corner, select Dolphin Anty in the window. In the Access Token box, paste the token you copied earlier.
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  1. All of your Dolphin profiles will appear on the profile migration page.
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  1. Select the profiles you want and hover over the three dots and click "Create Profile".
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Select where you want to transfer the profiles to - to Solo mode or to Team. Here you can also choose a folder for the profiles. Once you've made your selection, click save.
Your profiles are transferred 🤩

What data can you transfer

The following profile properties and characteristics will be transferred to Antik during migration:
  1. Cookie files *
  1. Running sessions in the browser
  1. Proxy
  1. Notes
  1. Labels **
* If you are using Dolphin on a free tariff, profiles will be transferred without cookie files. To unload cookie files from Dolphin, follow the instructions at the Dolphin site
** If you had bookmarks and extensions installed in Dolphin, they will not be transferred. If there are labels configured in Antik, after transferring profiles with labels, pre-installed bookmarks and extensions will be pulled into the profiles.